9 Jul

this blog is moving to creatively lazy

:D guess what time it is?

30 Jun

its finds time :T

so here are today’s fabulous finds.

need shoes for your sims?

tumblr_moa4130QLM1rdww56o1_500 tumblr_mp5j77YvsO1rdww56o1_500

download here:

edge of town bar vibe.

download here:

summer outfits here:


download here

Housing for your sims:

download here:

download here:

need to paint the walls in your house?

download here:

Order now

27 Jun

Sims 3  Island Paradise was released  2 days ago and can now  ordered online or bought in stores. =D horrary

upon the release the also added some new store items worth getting.  in the footsteps of Sims 2 i believe Sims can now dance… like ballet, in the new… SkyLight studio. it is beautiful!  it has a very modern feel to and i am soo getting it =D


it kinda reminds me of a french museum, with the triangles and all.

you can download from the sims 3 website…or find it elsewhere for free… e.e

NOW on Tumblr

20 Jun

yeah yeah i know i have a problem but now you can find me on tumblr where i hope you mainly post my Sims 3  and other creations and soon to be Sims 4 when they release.


Tumblr:  ZinniaCakes


19 Jun

first off i want to say, it’s time.. school is almost finish and i can work on getting ready for college. hooray high school is almost over.

onto the real issues. i’ve been busy/ lazy and i’m not sure if i even have time for a blog. but i want to keep this up because i really want to finish something or rather i want to not have loose ends. if that makes any sense… but i will try much much harder to keep this blog updated.


For all the sherlock fans … =D


sweaters for you little ones:


download here:

need a house for your sims?


download here: here:



download this nectary here:

download here:

Coming soon.. Out now and finds.

1 Jun

Sims 3 Dragon Valley is now available for download:World_TABDetails_DragonValley_thumb[2]

it has a modern medieval feel to it. but it’s more of a old time town with cool looking dragons.

download:  or

Coming soon is the  new Sims 3  Island Paradise. it will be out June 25th 2013 (US release I’m not sure if it is the same world wide)

it was confirmed that your Sims will be able to move to a new city for 20,000  build house boats, ride in boats,and in other forms of water travel. as well as run a resort. or simply stay in a pre-made one. You can also be a mermaid, have a job as an lifeguard. IPNEW3_thumb[1] here is the game walk through and the trailer:

Now for Finds:

download here:

download here:

more finds coming soon.


19 May

😀  here are my findings for sims 3

download here:

download here:

download here:



the website above has a lot of cool hairstyles.





New magazine for inspiration:

  view here:

download here:


download here:×20-price#notes

download here:


download here:




8 May


from  the sims 3 website: “Celebrate the heart and soul of the Sims. In The Sims 4, you’ll have a deeper connection with the most expressive, surprising, and charming Sims ever in this single player offline experience. Personalize your world with new and intuitive tools and then effortlessly share your creativity with your friends and fans. Sign up for the newsletter and like our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest info! #TheSims4 ”


YAY dance

8 May

sorry for not posting in a while.

regardless  i found something great! sims 3 simmer can not dance… and do cool dances!

no longer shall sims look funny doing strange dances…

did you see death dancing!

you can download this dance and many other here:


Finds for your Sims

14 Apr


the Sims 3 Island Paradise: 

Sims can actually live on the water explore underwater worlds and much much more. i think i might get this one. here some cover art and a trailer! :


Love H&M in real life give your Sims some fab clothes from H&M’s new collection. 

download here:

want cute nerdy clothing for your sims:

download them here:


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